Parent–School Relationship

Since the home is God’s primary institution,Tabernacle Christian School functions as an extension of the parents’ responsibility to “train up a child in the way he should go.” It is imperative for there to be a good relationship between TCS and the families of each of our students.  Several important points should be kept in mind as we work together to fulfill our God-appointed task of preparing children to serve the Lord.

    • To criticize or ridicule the policies or staff of the school in the child’s presence is, in effect, undermining the authority and wisdom of the parent who placed him in the care of the school.
    • Many problems have a reasonable explanation.  If there is a concern or disagreement, parents should allow the school leadership to explain their policies or decisions before reaching a conclusion.
    • Parents are encouraged to bring their concerns directly to the TCS school staff rather than to discuss them with other parents.  This will promote open communication and helps to eliminate rumors, gossip, and misinformation (Matthew 18:15).
    • Parents are requested to dress according to our school dress code whenever they are on the school grounds. TabernacleChristianSchooldesires parents to understand the importance of being an example to their young people by a clean-cut, modest appearance.  Smoking is not permitted on the campus of Tabernacle Christian School.
    • At various times, students will bring home notices from the teachers and/or the administration.  Parents should read these carefully, and if required, sign and return these notices the next school day.
    • Parents are urged to contact the school concerning their child’s academic progress.  Here are some helpful suggestions for your home:
      1. Require your child to bring books and papers home each day.
      2. Drill your child daily on math, spelling, vocabulary, and study sheets the teacher may send home.
      3. Check your child’s homework for errors or sloppiness.  Your child will not benefit from careless work.
      4. Question your child daily about upcoming tests or projects.
      5. Be alert to subtle changes in your child’s attitude. Anxiety, discouragement, laziness, rebelliousness, and home problems are determining factors in a child’s academic progress.
      6. The parents and teachers must work together to recognize and correct difficulties before damage is done.

Please keep the TCS school office informed of any changes in your address, phone numbers, employment, doctor, or emergency information.