Admissions Procedure

New Enrollment  Students may be enrolled at the school office during office hours (8:00 AM to 3:30 PM).  All prospective first time students at Tabernacle Christian School must:

  • Submit an application and pay registration fee.
  • Read this student handbook completely.
  • Complete all necessary forms (medical, emergency, etc.)
  • Submit a copy of recent SAT scores.
  • Submit a copy of most recent report card and transcripts.
  • Arrange with the school secretary for a parent/student interview with the principal and take required entrance/placement tests.
  • Provide immunization record and birth certificate or appropriate INS documentation.
  • Submit a statement of cooperation signed by parent(s) and child(ren)

Re-enrollment  All students must re-enroll each new school year.  Each student’s record will be reviewed, and students will be re-admitted on an individual basis at the sole discretion of the school.  In order to re-enroll at Tabernacle Christian School students must:

  • Submit a re-enrollment form and pay the registration fee.
  • Update all necessary records.
  • Submit a signed statement of cooperation.

 Re-enrollment of current students begins on March 1 of each year.  New Student registration will open on April 1 of each year.


Notice  Withdrawal from Tabernacle Christian School must be made by written notice.  Students may be withdrawn at any time, but all tuition charges will continue until the end of the month in which an official withdrawal form has been completed.  Report cards will not be issued until all bills are paid, and all textbooks and materials are returned to the school office.  TCS also reserves the right to request that a student withdraw without notice.

Tuition Refund  A refund will only be given when tuition has been pre-paid and will start with the next calendar month after which the student has withdrawn. A refund will only apply to prepaid tuition not to any other fees or expenses.