Church Attendance

Tabernacle Christian School cannot overemphasize the importance of faithful attendance to all services of your local, New Testament church.  Not only is it essential for one’s spiritual growth, it is also vital in support of the Christian home.  One’s commitment to Christian education, as offered at TCS, is evidenced by the family’s commitment to the local church.  The Christian school is not a substitute for regular family worship. 

Neglect in the area of church attendance may lead to expulsion or may jeopardize re-enrollment for the following year.  It is strongly suggested that students strive to develop and maintain a personal relationship with their pastor and/or youth pastor.

If you are not a member of a local church, we invite you to worship and serve atTabernacleBaptistChurch.  Whether you worship here or at another local church, it is imperative that every Christian parent and student be an active member of the body of Christ.

School Attendance

 General Policy  The school year consists of 180 days.  Snow days will be added as needed.  In order for students to get the most out of school classes they must be in attendance and on time.  Attendance is taken in every class. 

 Absence  A high school student who is over 15 minutes late to class will be considered absent to that class.  Any student arriving after 11:30 AM and leaving prior to 12:00 PM will be considered absent for half of a day.

TCS policy limits the allowable number of absences to twenty days per school year or five days per quarter.  Any student who is absent more than twenty days may be retained at the same grade level, or be required to make up excess days of absence in the summer.

A written excuse is required for every absence.  The excuse must be presented to the school office to obtain an absence slip to enter class that day or on the next day of the student’s attendance in school. The student will not be admitted to class without an absence slip from the school office. 

An absence is excused for illness, death in the immediate family, doctor appointments not able to be scheduled at another time, or other reasons considered appropriate by the administration.  If it is determined that a student skipped school, he will receive zeros for the day and have his enrollment status evaluated. 

The student is responsible for collecting and making up work missed due to absence. Attendance is mandatory for participation in after school activities.  If a student’s absences become excessive, a parental conference will be required with the principal.

Tardiness  If a student is tardy he must immediately report to the school office and obtain a tardy slip to enter class.  Tardiness without a written excuse from a parent or guardian will not be tolerated. An excuse from homewill not necessarily constitute an excuse of tardy, but will be considered by the principal.

Early Dismissal   All parents picking up students from school early should proceed to the school office.  Please do not go directly to the classroom.  All students leaving campus early must sign out at the school office. A note must be presented to the school office on the morning of the early dismissal. The teacher will be informed of the early dismissal and send the student to the school office at the appropriate time.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all class assignments missed during their absence.

Contacting Students in the Classroom   If a need arises to contact a student during the school day, please call the school office.  A message will be relayed to the student. In addition, flowers, gifts, lunches, homework, books and the like will be delivered promptly to your child through the school office.  Please do not take these items directly to the classroom. This will keep disruptions of the learning process to a minimum.

Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival  TCS faculty will be on duty beginning at 7:50 AM to supervise students in the area by the side door entrance and Gymnasium. In inclement weather (heavy snow, bitter cold or rain) students will be permitted to sit on the bleachers in the gymnasium.

At 8:10 the first bell will ring signaling that the students may enter the building.  Kindergarten and Elementary teachers will pick up their students from the morning arrival area. Students in grades 7 – 12 should proceed to their lockers and then go directly to homeroom.

At 8:20 the second bell (late bell) will ring. Any students not in their seat when this bell begins ringing are considered tardy and must obtain a tardy slip from the school office in order to proceed to class.

Dismissal  All students are dismissed at 2:40 PM.  All K3–6  grade students will be dismissed by their teacher.  They are to stay with their teacher until they are dismissed directly to their vehicle. All students in grades 7–12 are dismissed to their vehicle unless they ride with an elementary student.  If so they must also wait to be dismissed when the elementary student is dismissed. There is to be no running or horseplay of any kind in the pick-up area.

After Dismissal  At 3:05 PM all students who have not been picked up must report to the “after care” area.  A staff member will supervise the students in “after care.”  The students need to sit and work quietly until they are picked up.  The fee for the “after care” service will be paid directly to the staff person in charge on that day.

 Students are not to be in the building after school except for scheduled school activities.

Students are not allowed to stay after school (3:05 PM) for upcoming school or church events unless a parent or staff member supervises them.  If a student is involved in any after school extra-curricular activity, it is the parent(s)’s responsibility to provide transportation for their young children.  Please do not leave younger students to wait for an older sibling to finish practice or any other activity. Please make arrangements to pick up the younger student on time. Written permission must be on file in the school office for a student to ride home with someone other than his or her parents or regular car pool ride.